Thursday, July 1, 2010

Girl Scout or Boy Scout?

While we were visiting family in VA we were fortunate enough to make a trip out to the Bou Scout Camp Nick attended for over 5 years as a kid. I had always heard stories of the place and the camp rituals, such as being "Tapped Out" into the Order of the Arrow. During this tradition a select few boys are "tapped out" by "indians" that ride in on canoes. Anyway to make a long story short, we decided to head up there so I could see what all this was about! I feel so fortunate to have experienced a piece of Nick's childhood!! While we were there I got my first three, yes, THREE stranger comments!!!

The first one was more or so overheard rather than a direct comment...But a little boy scout was talking to his friends while Nick was taking a picture and I heard the young boy say "Hey, that lady over there is pregnant!!" Then one responded yeah, if not I don't know what's going on!" My goodness adolescent boys are too funny., what did they think I swallowed a watermelon!

A guy was talking to us as we waited in line to get into the trading post to get our FRITO PIE'S and he asked if we were picking our boy up today. I just looked at Nick like what are we supposed to say!!! I think I was more baffled that he thought I had a child at 12. Anyways he then proceeded to ask when I was due. Nice guy he was but a little too curious for my liking, what did he want, our whole life story?

Then after we enjoyed our 5 course meal of chili, cheese, and chips we were walking to the campfire and a guy holds his belly and asks boy scout or girl? Nick and I both chuckled and just said girl!

Maybe I just haven't been out enough in public to have too many comments, but goodness the day I hit my 3rd tri I got 3!!! I have to say I secretly enjoyed them all, no matter how random they were ;O)


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Awwww. That's cute!