Friday, July 9, 2010

Listy Mclisterson

This list of to-do's will for sure be updated and revamped over and over.

Shower hostess gifts by 7.22
Get stuff to build shelves in laundry
Get Nick to build shelves mentioned above
Organize shelves in laundry once built
Organize closet in nursery
Organize closest in master
Organize linen closet
Organize pantry c
Paint & hang wall rack
Stain & hang frames
Get supplies for closet dividers
Make Closet dividers
Prep diaper inserts
Organize diaper stations
Sterilize nipples and pacies
Convince Nick I NEED a Nikon D5000
Buy Nikon D5000 if seducing convincing goes as planned
Nick apply for FMLA
Meet with pediatricians
Decide on pediatrician
Pre-Register at Hospital
Finish birthing plan
Decide new computer or new hard drive & buy
Buy nursing tanks
Look for gift for Daddy
Hospital playlist
Pack hospital bags
Install Carseat
Make freezer meals
Baby announcements (after born of course)
Add baby to insurance (after born)

Goodness it looks like we better get down to business since Baby G is expected to be here the month after next!!!



That Mama Gretchen said...

Check out Etsy for baby announcements. I just did baby shower invites through a designer there. You can order a digital file that is super cute and then send it to Costco, Target, Wal-mart, etc to be printed for super cheap.

Ashley said...

We are a lot alike, I lvoe lists!

Just so you know you cant add baby to your insurance till she is born, I already called about that one so you can go ahead and check it off!
And I think you have like 7 days after the birth, all the ped visits in the hospital just get billed under you.
At least that is the way mine works, I have ghp.

Dana said...

hi - I'm a new follower (mommy to be due in September as well!). anyway...I also convinced my husband that i NEEDED the Nikon D5000...and I absolutely love it (and so does he). I'm really glad that we got it early so that I could learn and practice :)

Tiffany said...

I NEED to make a to-do list. Good luck crossing things off of yours!