Sunday, February 21, 2010

Appointment Follow-Up

Appointment went well. I love my OB/GYN, Dr. Brown! She was a recommendation from a friend who had her little girl about 4 months ago! She was very nice and informative. She wanted to make sure she had all my medical history down correctly and wanted to make sure I wasn't concerned. It wasn't too exciting. No baby seeing or hearing. Just an exam. She said everything felt good! So I am taking that as a good sign!!

I will be checking with our insurance this week to see what genetic tests are covered. If the NT scan is covered I will be getting my next u/s around 12 weeks on March 17th. We are of course counting down the days to hear the heartbeat again!!!

My appointment schedule looks a little like this:
12 Weeks (March 17)-Review lab results and hear heartbeat on doppler for first time!! *again may be getting NT scan this day
16 Weeks (approx April 14)-Quad Screen (optional test that screens for Down;s, spina bifida, & trisomy 18
20 Weeks(approx May 12)-Screening Ultrasound!!! That's when we will see the sex!!!
24 Weeks(approx June 9)- Gestational Diabetes Screening
28 Weeks (approx July 7)-Routine Visit. Rh neg shot if needed.
32 Weeks(approx August 4)-Routine visit. Asses for proper fetal grown which may include another u/s
36 Weeks (approx September 1)- Pelvic exam to asses cervical changes.
Then the weekly visits start! 36-41 weeks!


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