Wednesday, June 9, 2010

24 Weeks Appointment

Today I had my 24 weeks appoint w/ the good ole' doc. Baby girl is measuring on target, my blood pressure looks great, and urine sample is clear of proteins or sugars! As expected it does look like my CA trip put a little wight on this momma! Before I left I was down about 3 lbs still and now I am up 2. So 5 lbs over the past 3 weeks was so worth all the good food! I am not sure if it will stick or not so we shall see.

Thankfully Nick came along to this appointment to get me through the 1 hr glucose test. I thought he would be good to have there to help keep me busy talking and what not..little did I know I wasn't up to talking much after drinking that 50ml of not so tasty orange flavored liquid glucose! I felt nauseous pretty quickly after drinking that much sugar on a near empty tummy. After about 30 minutes in a started to feel like I was in a sugar coma and was going to crash! Luckily the real tummy ache came on shortly before they took my blood and afterwards in the comfort of my own car on the way to grab lunch. Lunch helped a lot but I definitely had a sugar crash about 2 hours later. I am praying I don't fail this and have to go back for the 3 hour test! The thing is that there are about 25-35% of pregnant women who fail this 1 hr test and go on to pass the 3 hour test. I am pretty sure I will puke and fall out on the floor if I have to take the 3 hr test!! *Crossing fingers for a pass*

My next appointment is July 14th and I cannot believe I will only have 2 (maybe 3) more monthly appointments then on to weekly visits!



~*Caroline*~ said...

Yay! I hope you pass too! I didn't pass the 1 hour but did the 3 hour! Good Luck!

Tiffany said...

I hope you get great news... the 3 hour is nooooo fun!