Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This chickie is set!

I failed to mention about 2 weeks ago I got an email from a friend of mine who I used to work with. He daughter is 4 and she was born in September and we are around the same size...get where I am going?! She asked if I wanted to meet up one day and she could pass all her maternity clothes along. How could I pass that up?!

Of course I have been doing well wearing my pre-pregnany clothes and hoping to wear a lot of them through the summer. But when I came home with 2 tubs worth of goodies I was ecstatic! I don't know who was happier Nick or me!! Of course there are a few key pieces I still need like some jean capris, all the ones she had were khaki & black, which is great but that doesn't always work.

I have been a slacker since I brought them all home and went through them. There was only a like 3 or 4 items I was like nope, won't wear that, or that's got a stain. So I had them all on the coffee table all organized until Nick had some friends over and threw them all in the master bedroom floor. GRRRR MEN! So, needless to say things needed to be resorted, washed, dried, folded/hung, and put away. I spent the majority of yesterday doing this!

Until I had such an abundance I had all my maternity clothes hanging on the bottom rack in one side of my closet & all my summer tops on the top rack. This system didn't leave much room for all the maternity bottoms to sit on the bottom shelf. This is where I always have kept 3 piles of pants. Sooo I decided to go ahead and move all my summer tops that I would be able to wear during pregnancy to the bottom with all my maternity tops. This frees up space to move all my pre-pregnancy jeans & capris to the far right of the shelf (notice the giant pile of jeans!) as well as cotton maternity tops (in the middle) and my maternity bottoms (on the left). Now lets see how long I can keep that system going since I am wearing a mix of pre-preg & & maternity clothes ;O)

Here is 2/3 a drawer filled with both maternity and long & lean tanks. YUP that's right that only leaves 1/3 of the drawer qwith plain old cami's that I won;t be able to wear much longer!

And last but not least I sorted all my dresses. Some of these I will be able to wear the entire pregnancy & others I may hve to add some bloomers haha because they are on the shorter side already ;O)

Needless to say, yesterday was sort of hectic. You should have seen our room. There were clothes scattered everywhere as I tried things on and threw into piles!!

I am so very thankful that I will have plenty to wear this summer especially since I have so many fun places to go! I still need to find some shower outfits as well as a dress for a friends wedding! And of course if I find any cute things at yard sales you bet they will be purchased!!!



Anne said...

WOW. That is so awesome. I am so happy for you and insanely jealous all at the same time, haha!! I wish I had someone to share their clothes with me!

Mom said...

Looks like you are totaly set for prego cloths thats great Shaylynn

Lindsey said...

I need to organize my closet! It is on my list of things to do this coming weekend!